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“Lion’s Return” at the Berlin SciFi Filmfest 2019

We're at the Berlin SciFi Filmfest 2019 screening our Overwatch Cinematic Short Lion's Return at the world famous Babylon cinema.
Lion's Return an Overwatch Cinematic Short Movie - Screening at the Berlin SciFi Filmfest at the Babylon Kino

Before we start the production of our next movie we make another festival stop at the Berlin SciFi Filmfest 2019 and present our Overwatch Cinematic Short “Lion’s Return” one more time this year.

The Berlin Scifi Filmfest is an international event screening short & feature films from around the world. This year it will take place from 29th to 30th November 2019 in Berlin’s world famous Babylon cinema. In addition to the screenings, there is above all a large selection of Q&A sessions, Cosplayers, Events, Workshops, Readings & more.

Screening of our Overwatch Cinematic Short at the Babylon Cinema Berlin

Our Overwatch Fan Film is part of the official selection and will be shown on Friday, 29th November 2019 at 4 PM in the cinema 1 of the Babylon cinema.

As we have our homebase in Berlin, we are of course also personally present for a short Q&A panel and look forward to meeting one or the other of you on site.

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